About KOPO

Identity of KOPO

KOPO is the only comprehensive technical vocational education and training college with 46 years of history in Korea. It has been backed by the Korean government’s financial support since the vocational training law was enacted in 1967.

Purpose of Establishment – KOPO contributes to employment safety and socio-economical growth by training technical human recourses for the development of national industry based on practical knowledge.

Vision & Mission

Industrial Associate’s degree program, Master technician

  • We offer two-year degree courses in national basic industries and new industries that are not provided by the private sector to repare students as they become mid-level technicians and master technicians.

Enhanced employment section

  • We train youths, the unemployed, and people with higher education experience to become licensed technicians.

Developing worker’s competence, education

  • We provide vocational education for workers, industry-academia cooperation, human resources development for regional industries,  and vocational training for the underprivileged.