About Seoul Tech (Facts and Figures)

Facts and Figures

  • Name : Seoul National University of Science&Technology
  • Founded : 1910
  • Location : 138 Gongnuenggil, Nowon-Gu, Seoul (Northeast part of Seoul )
  • Campus Size : 509,331㎡
  • Employees : 610 (faculty 303, staff 307)
  • Student : Undergraduate 12,908, Graduate 1,120)
  • Average high school grade for freshmen : 3.71 (total 15 grades)
  • Competitive ratio for acceptance 17.48 : 1
  • Five Colleges with 32 departments for undergraduates
  • Six Graduate Schools(2 special schools & 4 professional schools : 55 Master’s course, 14 Doctor’s courses offered)
  • Pursuing industry-oriented education as a focused strategy so that its students can be well equipped with practical and applicable knowledge to meet industry needs and labor market demand.
  • Selected as one of the 50 choice universities for the nation’s future engineering education and innovation by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energy in July 2007 and also designated as one of the 5 core universities which will function as hub centers to lead the nation’s engineering education innovation program financially supported by the government.
  • Ranked No.1 in the Student’s Employment Rate at Graduation among universities with 2,000~3,000 graduating students according to the annual report by the Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development.
  • Constructing ‘Seoul Techno Park’ with the financial support of Seoul Metropolitan Government to form a future-oriented technology cluster on campus which will be called as ‘Seoul Technopolis’.expected to be completed by the end of 2008.

About SeoulTech

Seoul National University of Science and Technology (SeoulTech) is one of Korea’s national universities. The university originated from a Vocational Supplementary School established in 1910 by Emperor Gojong’s Royal Decree. Later the school was re-organized as Gyeongseong Public Industrial School, Gyeonggi Technical College, and Gyeonggi Open Industrial University before it was finally reborn as Seoul National University of Technology in April 1993. The ground breaking ceremony took place on 14 April 2007 for a new building that will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding institution in 2010. With the celebration, in September 2010, the name was changed to Seoul National University of Science and Technology from Seoul National University of Technology. The institution is also known as ‘SeoulTech’.

Today SeoulTech is a large university housing four colleges, 32 departments, six graduate schools and a student enrolment of 14,000 people in a spacious campus of 500,000 square meters (124 acres). This is the 3rd largest campus out of universities in Seoul. The campus, formerly occupied by the engineering departments of Seoul National University, is in Nowon-gu in the northern part of Seoul. It is close to Gongneung Station on subway line 7. Shuttle buses connect to the campus during term time.