About Harry Baek

Currently, I am an employee who is responsible for the technical side of ASM and I am a National Taipei University of Technology student in Taiwan.

Current Announcements

      • I have worked as a senior mechanical engineer at a R&D center for ASM in Korea.
      • I am currently studying “Electrical Engineering” at National Taipei University of Technology in Taiwan.

My name is Choong-hyun Baek and I am from Korea. As my Korean name is difficult to pronounce for you, please call me Harry and I will use it as a pseudonym in my blog. I arrived in Canada on 2 September, 2011. I had successfully settled down in Canada. After completing a Manufacturing course, I came back to Korea in February of 2013.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Also, I worked as a mechanical engineer for several large-sized companies for over ten years in the field of mechanical engineering. My goal is to become a global engineer, so I am studying mechanical engineering again in English at Seneca College in Toronto, Canada and I am also studying Chinese language, culture and enterprise at Kyung Hee Cyber University in Korea.

My dream is to work abroad for several years, learn other languages, and experience living in other countries. To achieve my dream, I need to have two things interest in other countries and adventurous spirit.

I made this blog not only for sharing work and study experience with others, but also for making more personal connections to acquire knowledge and skills. Please contact me by either sending a email or contact form with any questions you may have, or if there is any way I can assist you in making the most of your studies and career.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Last updated: Sunday 31 August, 2014 in Germany

大家好! 请允许我介绍一下我自己。我叫白忠铉,是一个韩国人。我住在首尔。我的专业是机械工程学。我当了大约十三年的工程师。我的性格非常独立。在我15岁的时候,我就一个人住在外面,从家里独立出去了。从那以后我就再也没用过父母的钱。我必须靠打工赚钱来支付学费,同时还要解决衣食住行的问题。因为要先赚到足够的钱后才能去学校学习,所以我的人生步伐总是比一般人慢。现在我的经济条件稳定了,所以我终于可以追逐我的梦想了。我的梦想是成为一名世界级的工程师。为什么我会有这个梦想呢?因为我在德国的一家公司工作的时候,认识了一位新加坡工程师,我们最开始是在德国一起接受的技术培训,然后又在各自的国家工作。因为他英文和中文都很好,所以他担任了亚洲总工程师,因此他的业务范围变得很广,主要来自中国大陆、台湾和马来西亚等地。我很佩服他,也想成为他那样的人。我已经在韩国取得了20多个技术资格证,具有韩国语和英语双重语言能力。我在中小企业、大企业和外国企业工作总共十三年多。我常常认真考虑我的未来,我有个一直珍藏心中的梦,我的梦想是分别在三个外国(使用英语国家, 使用中语国家和使用日语的国家)的大学学习工程学。第一个我已经完成了。我在加拿大大学里学习了机械工程学。我现在在盐城师范学院学习汉语。结束我的课程以后我打算在台湾科学大学学习电气工程学。第三个我想去日本学习如何成为电脑程序设计师。为了方便在这些国家的大学里学习工程学,我需要学习英文、中文和日文三种语言。因为我并不擅长学习语言,所以实现我的梦想会有点困难,但是即使这条路上布满了荆棘,我也想竭尽全力去试一试,去实现自己一直坚持着的梦想。

最后更新: 2015年 11月20日 在中国写的

大家好。請允許我介紹一下我自己。我叫白忠鉉,是韓國人。我住在首爾。我的大學主修機械工程學。我當了大概十三年的工程師。我畢業於國立首爾科技大學。還有在加拿大大學學過機械工程學。我現在在國立台北科技大學的碩士班學習電機。為了跟台灣人交流,我正在學習中文。我學習中文一共一年了: 在三星公司工作的時候,三星公司教我中文。在韓國政府機關學了三個月,然後韓國政府派我去中國鹽城師範大學留學三個月,然後在國立台灣師範大學學了兩個月。還有在台北科技大學學了三個月。我真的喜歡跟台灣人交流。我以前在韓國的三星公司,加拿大公司,德國公司工作。我的夢想是成為一名世界級的工程師。為什麼我會有這個夢想呢?因為我在德國公司工作的時候,認識了一位新加坡工程師,我們在德國一起接受技術培訓,然後又在各自的國家工作。因為他英文和中文都很好,所以他擔任了亞洲總工程師,因此他的業務比我很廣,主要來自中國大陸、臺灣和馬來西亞等地。我很羨慕他。我也想成為他那樣的人。現在我取得了20多個技術資格證,具有韓文,英文和中文能力。我現在很幸福,因為我正在實現我的夢想。謝謝大家。請多關照。

最後更新: 2016年11月28日 在台灣寫的


4 Responses to About Harry Baek

  1. MICHELLE LIM says:


    • Harry says:

      Hello world traveler Michelle! Thank you for visiting my blog. I will try to match up to your expectations. I hope we will achieve our great goals in the near future. Thank you.

  2. Romel Cipriani says:

    Hi Harry,

    Let me congratulate you on your blog. Your page is easy to navigate and provides useful tips and tools for visitors. I applauded you for sharing your personal experiences on your blog. Your personal experiences offer encouragement and support for all who visit.
    I am certain that once visited; your blog will demonstrate to all visitors the need for constant academic upgrading. In his book “The World is Flat” Thomas Friedman highlights the need for constant forward progress in the global workplace. Surviving in the global workplace depends on an individual’s ability to transform to remain competitive and relevant.
    Good luck with the remainder of your studies.

    • Harry says:

      It is a real honor for me that my professor visits here and gives me informative advice. I really appreciate it. I will keep your advice in my mind. I will do my best to strengthen the competitiveness to survive in the global workplace. Thank you once again for your interest in my blog.

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