Reference Letter


Research Engineer (Jan 1997 – Jan 2011)

  • Designed semiconductor machinery by using 3-dimension tool(Pro/Engineer)
  • Tested assembly line processes through virtual modeling and document

I had worked for Samsung Techwin as a research engineer for four years. I received two reference letters from my senior workers.

The content of the letters are :

I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Choong Hyun Baek at Samsung Techwin for the past four years. He has had extensive industry experience before joining us and while in the Solutions Technology Group at Samsung, he has utilized his CAD, CAM skills to create detailed 3-D models, test assembly line processes through virtual modeling. Choong Hyun is an outstanding engineer who is highly respected by the people who work with him. He is organized and responsible in his execution of tasks, and his co-workers and supervisors have come to rely on him to come through during periods of high workloads…

The last part omitted