Chinese Language

6. Chinese Language

6-1. Business Chinese
  1. Business Chinese (Making Room Reservation on Phone)
  2. Business Chinese (Conversation on an Airplane)
  3. Business Chinese (Conversation on an Airport of Entry)
  4. Business Chinese (Conversation for Taking a Bus)
  5. Business Chinese (Conversation for Checking into a Hotel)
  6. Business Chinese (How to Use the Room Service at a Hotel)
  7. Business Chinese (How to Exchange Money)
  8. Business Chinese (Conversation at a Business Center)
  9. Business Chinese (Shopping)
  10. Business Chinese (Making an Appointment on Phone)
  11. Business Chinese (Way-Finding)
  12. Business Chinese (How to Take a Bus)
  13. Business Chinese (First Meeting)
  14. Business Chinese (Self Introduction)
6-2. Korean-Chinese Transition
  1. The Technique of Korean-Chinese Translation (Introduction)
  2. Korean-Chinese Translation (Procedure)
  3. Korean-Chinese Translation (Change Your Thoughts)
  4. Korean-Chinese Translation (University Website Translation)
  5. Korean-Chinese Translation (Business Website Translation)
  6. Korean-Chinese Translation (Foreign Language Translation 1)
  7. Korean-Chinese Translation (Foreign Language Translation 2)
  8. Korean-Chinese Translation (Sino-Korean Word)
  9. Korean-Chinese Translation (Comparing Chinese Words to Sino-Korean Words)

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