TOEIC, Swimming, Ukulele and Health Club

TOEIC, Swimming, Ukulele and Health Club

I had studied TOEIC for a while at an academy which is located in Jongno 3-ga. During my study, I also took three other lessons in the sports centre. I learnt swimming, ukulele and workout. I could not focus on TOEIC because it was really not fun. I felt that I joined the chicken game. The people who were in the class just needed to memorize English words in the small space. I really wanted to get out of the rat race. In this competitive society, it’s hard to find a man of humility. The students were under a lot of stress and they looked very serious. That’s the reason why I tried to learn other things such as a musical instrument and exercise because I live for a healthy and happy life.

2014.12.21 (825), 2015.1.10 (845) and 2015.1.25 (885)

TOEIC_201412_2015_11 TOEIC_201412_2015_12 TOEIC_201412_2015_14 TOEIC_201412_2015_16 TOEIC_201412_2015_19 TOEIC_201412_2015_111 TOEIC_201412_2015_115 TOEIC_201412_2015_116 TOEIC_201412_2015_119 TOEIC_201412_2015_120 TOEIC_201412_2015_141 TOEIC_201412_2015_147 TOEIC_201412_2015_149TOEIC_201412_2015_129 TOEIC_201412_2015_127 TOEIC_201412_2015_128 TOEIC_201412_2015_121 TOEIC_201412_2015_122

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