Seoul Trail Completion Certificate

Seoul Trail Completion Certificate

The length of Seoul Trail is 157 kilometers and this trail combined with the mountain path and village walkway. I think it would rob you the diversity of the ecology and landscape this trail has to offer. The Seoul Trail is broken into eight parts which encompasses the entire Seoul city. After getting all stamps from the 28 courses, I have got the Seoul Trail Completin Certificate. It took for me around one month to compete the whole Seoul Trail the whole course.

Seoul_trail_1 Seoul_trail_2 Seoul_trail_3 Seoul_trail_4 Seoul_trail_5 Seoul_trail_6 Seoul_trail_8 Seoul_trail_9 Seoul_trail_10 Seoul_trail_12 Seoul_trail_15 Seoul_trail_21 Seoul_trail_26 Seoul_trail_24 Seoul_trail_32 Seoul_trail_39 Seoul_trail_38 Seoul_trail_42 Seoul_trail_43 Seoul_trail_52 Seoul_trail_56 Seoul_trail_58 Seoul_trail_60 Seoul_trail_66 Seoul_trail_80 Seoul_trail_82 Seoul_trail_88 Seoul_trail_91 Seoul_trail_98 Seoul_trail_97 Seoul_trail_108 Seoul_trail_110 Seoul_trail_111 Seoul_trail_118 Seoul_trail_123 Seoul_trail_125 Seoul_trail_126 Seoul_trail_131 Seoul_trail_132 Seoul_trail_136 Seoul_trail_135 Seoul_trail_139 Seoul_trail_145 Seoul_trail_144 Seoul_trail_147 Seoul_trail_148 Seoul_trail_154 Seoul_trail_159 Seoul_trail_181 Seoul_trail_182 Seoul_trail_183 Seoul_trail_179

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