Seoul City Wall Walk

Seoul City Wall Walk

The wall, which follows the ridges of Bugaksan, Naksan, Namsan and Inwangsan, the four main mountains surrounding the center of Seoul, has been rebuilt several times. The wall is 18.6km long and it served as city wall for the longest time among the existing walls in the world. Seoul City Wall has four main gates and four auxiliary gates. The main gates are Heunginjimun, Donuimun, Sungnyemun and Sukjeongmun, while the auxiliary gates are Hyehwamun, Souimun, Gwanghuimun and Changuimun. After obtaining the four stamps from the main gates, I can get a badge as a souvenir for completing Seoul City Wall Walk.

Seoul_Wall_Walk_1 Seoul_Wall_Walk_2 Seoul_Wall_Walk_3 Seoul_Wall_Walk_4 Seoul_Wall_Walk_7 Seoul_Wall_Walk_9 Seoul_Wall_Walk_10 Seoul_Wall_Walk_11 Seoul_Wall_Walk_13 Seoul_Wall_Walk_14 Seoul_Wall_Walk_16 Seoul_Wall_Walk_17 Seoul_Wall_Walk_19 Seoul_Wall_Walk_21 Seoul_Wall_Walk_24 Seoul_Wall_Walk_25 Seoul_Wall_Walk_33 Seoul_Wall_Walk_35 Seoul_Wall_Walk_36 Seoul_Wall_Walk_37 Seoul_Wall_Walk_38 Seoul_Wall_Walk_39 Seoul_Wall_Walk_41 Seoul_Wall_Walk_42 Seoul_Wall_Walk_43 Seoul_Wall_Walk_45 Seoul_Wall_Walk_46

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