Seneca Contents

1. Seneca College

  1. Why I Chose Seneca College
  2. Seneca College Related Websites
  3. A Tour of the Exco Engineering Company

2. My Studies Review (MATD: Mechanical Engineering Technician – Tool Design)

  1. My Ongoing Second Semester Studies
  2. Reviewing My Studies After My First Semester
  3. Comepleting My First Year at Seneca College
  4. A Reference Letter from Professor Cipriani
  5. A Reference Letter from Professor Ajay
  6. Seneca College Transcript
  7. Letter of Acceptance (Seneca College and Student Visa)
  8. Proof of Enrollment
  9. My Current Record in Seneca College

3. Tool Design (Blueprint, AutoCAD, Solidworks and Mechanical Design)

  1. About Tool Designer
  2. Locators & Clamping
  3. Gears, CAM and Bearing
  4. AutoCAD Assignment (Vee Block)
  5. Tooling Materials
  6. AutoCAD View Point (Vpoint)
  7. AutoCAD Practice (The True Measure: Dimlfac, Dimscale, Dim-update)
  8. Basic Blueprint Reading and Tolerancing
  9. Introduction to Jigs and Fixtures
  10. Sectional Views
  11. Lines and Their Uses in Orthographic Projection
  12. Intronduction to Shop Prints

4. Machine Shop

  1. How to Succeed with Machine Shop
  2. About My Log Book 1
  3. “V” Block (Heat Treatment and Rockwell Hardness Practices)
  4. The Practice of Using Oxy-Acetylene Equipment
  5. The Grinding Procedure for Making the “V” Block (1/3)
  6. The Grinding Procedure for Making the “V” Block (2/3)
  7. The Grinding Procedure for Making the “V” Block (3/3)
  8. Mould Core and Cavity Projects
  9. Machining the “V” Block
  10. Sandwich Drill Jig (Manufacturing and Assembly Project)
  11. My Log Book for the First Semester (SHP101)
  12. My Log Book for the Second Semester (SHP201)

5. Machine Theory

  1. Essential Formulas for Machine Shop
  2. “V” Block (Heat Treatment and Rockwell Hardness Theories)
  3. The Theory of the Oxy-Acetylene Equipment
  4. Tool and Die Makers
  5. Hardness Testing
  6. Gauge Block
  7. Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)
  8. Honing
  9. Introduction to Plastics
  10. Moulding and Die Casting
  11. Runner Systems
  12. Carbide Inserts
  13. Cutting Tool Materials
  14. Non-Ferrous Metals & Alloys
  15. Basic Principles of Welding
  16. Equipment for Lesson
  17. Cutting Fluids
  18. The Dividing Head
  19. Drills & Drilling
  20. Files and Filing
  21. Parts of the Lathe
  22. Parts of the Milling Machine
  23. Reamer and Reaming
  24. Taps & Dies
  25. Tapers and Cutting Tapers
  26. Grinding Wheels
  27. Grinding Machines and Equipment
  28. Threads
  29. Steel Making
  30. Speeds and Feeds


  1. About Computer-Control Programmers and Operators
  2. CNC (Circular Interpolation Assignment)
  3. CNC (Analysis of the Circular Interpolation Assignment)
  4. Review The Term Test2 (Contour, Pocket Facing, Pocket Standard, Spot Drill, and Drill)
  5. MasterCAM Practice (Pocket Facing, Contour, Pocket Standard, Spot Drill, and Drill)
  6. Practice for Final Exam (MasterCAM)

7. Global Engineer

  1. What Skills are Required to Become a Global Engineer?
  2. How to Work and Study at the Same Time

8. Social Technology

  1. My “Communicating with Social Technologies” Studies
  2. How can I personally use the power of social media to improve my life?
  3. Main points of the Groundswell Book
  4. Summary of the “Communicating with Social Technologies” Lecture
  5. Technical Writers

9. English Letter

  1. My First Email to Seneca College (20110524)
  2. My First Email to My Professor (20110924)

10. English Language

  1. English ↔ Korean ↔ Chinese
  2. Useful Websites for English Learners
  3. The Case against Bottled Water (Skill Set)
  4. The Jewelry – Guy de Maupassant
  5. The Tell-tale Heart – Edgar Allan Poe (1843)
  6. Internet Witch-hunt (EAP500 Oral Presentation – PowerPoint)
  7. Internet Witch-hunt (EAP500 Oral Presentation – Document)
  8. Research: An introduction / MLA Citation: Rules and Guidelines

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