KHCU Contents

1. KHCU (Kyung Hee Cyber University)

  1. About KHCU
  2. Kyung Hee Cyber University Related Websites

2. My Studies Review

  1. Reviewing the Completion of My Chinese Studies
  2. My Ongoing Chinese Studies
  3. Reviewing the Completion of My Chinese Studies (The First Semester in the Fourth Year)
  4. Reviewing the Completion of My Chinese Studies (The Summer Term)
  5. My Ongoing Chinese Studies (My Final Semester)

3. Outline of China

3-1. Introduction to China
  1. Syllabus: the Introduction to China
  2. Introduction to China
3-2. Chinese Arts
  1. The Syllabus for Chinses Arts
  2. Chinese Arts (Chapter 1)
3-3. Chinese Culture
  1. Understanding of Chinese Culture (Introduction)
  2. Chinese Culture (Natural Environment)
  3. Chinese Culture (Geography)
  4. Chinese Culture (Character History)
  5. Chinese Culture (Character Features)
  6. Chinese Culture (Literature)
  7. Chinese Culture (Novel)
  8. Chinese Culture (Scholarship and Thought)
  9. Chinese Culture (Music)
  10. Chinese Culture (Modern China 1)
  11. Chinese Culture (Modern China 2)
3-4. Chinese History
  1. Understanding of Chinese History (Introduction)
  2. The Syllabus for Chinese History

4. Buniness Management

4-1. China Region
  1. Studies of Chinese Region Market (Introduction)
  2. Studies of Chinese Region Market (Administrative District)
  3. Studies of Chinese Region Market (Regionalism)
  4. Studies of Chinese Region Market (Balanced Regional Development)
  5. Studies of Chinese Region Market (Regional Economy)
  6. Studies of Chinese Region Market (Taiwan)
  7. Studies of Chinese Region Market (Macau)
  8. Studies of Chinese Region Market (Hongkong)
4-2. Chinese Business
  1. Marketing Information Strategy in China
  2. Hot Economic Issues in China (Achievement)
  3. Hot economic issues in China (Development)
  4. Chinese Business Skill (Introduction)
  5. Chinese Business Skill (Negotiation Strategy)
  6. Chinese Business Skill (Theory of Negotiation)
  7. Chinese Business Skill (Four Negotiation Strategies)
  8. Chinese Business Skill (Cross-Cultural Negotiation Strategy)
  9. Chinese Business Skill (Chinese Market Invasion)
  10. Chinese Business Skill (Chinese Consumer)
  11. Chinese Business Skill (High Income Consumer)
4-3. Economic System
  1. The Syllabus for Economic System
  2. China’s Economic System (Chapter 1: Economic Growth)
  3. China’s Economic System (Chapter 2-1: Economic Problems)
4-4. Chinese Economics
  1. The Syllabus for Introduction to Chinese Economics
  2. Introduction to Chinese Economics (Chapter 1 of Part 1)
  3. Introduction to Chinese Economics (Chapter 1 of Part 2)
4-5. Chinese Management
  1. Chinese Enterprise and Administration (Introduction)
  2. Chinese Enterprise and Administration (Business)
  3. Chinese Enterprise and Administration (Regionalism)
  4. Chinese Enterprise and Administration (Business Structure)
  5. Chinese Enterprise and Administration (Economic Strategy)
  6. Chinese Enterprise and Administration (Buyer)
  7. Chinese Enterprise and Administration (Credit Investigation)
  8. Chinese Enterprise and Administration (Business Law and Policy)
  9. Chinese Enterprise and Administration (Business Environment Analysis)
  10. Chinese Enterprise and Administration (Risk Management)
  11. Chinese Enterprise and Administration (Business Case)

5. Politics

5-1. East Asia
  1. Area Study of East Asia (Outline of East Asia)
5-2. Chinese Politics
  1. Introduction to Chinese Politics (Introduction)
  2. The Syllabus for Chinese Politics
5-3. Korea-China Relations
  1. Korea-China Relations

6. Chinese Language

6-1. Business Chinese
  1. Business Chinese (Making Room Reservation on Phone)
  2. Business Chinese (Conversation on an Airplane)
  3. Business Chinese (Conversation on an Airport of Entry)
  4. Business Chinese (Conversation for Taking a Bus)
  5. Business Chinese (Conversation for Checking into a Hotel)
  6. Business Chinese (How to Use the Room Service at a Hotel)
  7. Business Chinese (How to Exchange Money)
  8. Business Chinese (Conversation at a Business Center)
  9. Business Chinese (Shopping)
  10. Business Chinese (Making an Appointment on Phone)
  11. Business Chinese (Way-Finding)
  12. Business Chinese (How to Take a Bus)
  13. Business Chinese (First Meeting)
  14. Business Chinese (Self Introduction)
6-2. Korean-Chinese Transition
  1. The Technique of Korean-Chinese Translation (Introduction)
  2. Korean-Chinese Translation (Procedure)
  3. Korean-Chinese Translation (Change Your Thoughts)
  4. Korean-Chinese Translation (University Website Translation)
  5. Korean-Chinese Translation (Business Website Translation)
  6. Korean-Chinese Translation (Foreign Language Translation 1)
  7. Korean-Chinese Translation (Foreign Language Translation 2)
  8. Korean-Chinese Translation (Sino-Korean Word)
  9. Korean-Chinese Translation (Comparing Chinese Words to Sino-Korean Words)

7. Liberal Arts

7-1. Civic Education
  1. The Syllabus for Civic Education
  2. Civic Education (Chapter 1)
7-2. Business English
  1. The Syllabus for Business English
  2. Business English (Resume for Job Success)
  3. Business English (Cover Letter for Job Success)
  4. Business English (Self Introduction Letter for Job Success)
7-3. Information Society
  1. The Syllabus for Ethical Issues in Informations Society

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