Canadian food 加拿大菜

Canadian food 加拿大菜

Few years ago, I was a college student in Toronto, Canada. Because I was a sutudent at that time, I didn’t have enough money to eat out. Therefore, normally I ate food at home. But at least once a week I made a effort to have quite good lunch or dinner for me. Those are just good memories for me.

CanadianFood_3   CanadianFood_25 CanadianFood_27 CanadianFood_30 CanadianFood_32  CanadianFood_40 CanadianFood_41 CanadianFood_46 CanadianFood_52 CanadianFood_69 CanadianFood_85 CanadianFood_84 CanadianFood_98 CanadianFood_104 CanadianFood_107

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