My Log Book for the First Semester (SHP101)

My Log Book for the First Semester (SHP 101)

Log Book

Log Book

About My Log Book

The main purpose of my logbook is to record my performance in detail, including manufacturing description and drawing in the machine shop. My professors review my logbook and give marks when one project is done. It is my responsibility to make sure my log book is kept up-to-date. I made hand drafted detail part drawings and hand printed operation sheets indicating how the part was made. Some students don’t take care of it, but I think it is important to prove conclusively my manufacturing ability to a future employer.

About SHP 101

The Skills necessary to work in the machining field are only gained through practical experience working on the wide variety of machines and equipment available in a well equipped machining area. The practical projects in this subject have been designed to challenge students while developing sound basic machining skills. Safe working habits and procedures, time management skills and planning are emphasized and monitored. Students gain basic machining related knowledge and experience that provides them with the opportunity to move on to more specialized fields, such as tool and die making, mould and general machining.

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