Travel English – Basic Conversation

여행 영어 (Travel English)

Recently, I realize that the basic of English is very important

 Basic Conversation

A: Nice to meet you.

B: It has been a long time. / Long time no see.

A: How are you? / How is it going?

B: Pretty good / So so / Not so good

A: You look down. What’s wrong?


A: What’s your destination?

A: Where you headed to? (American) and To where are you headed? (British)

B: I’m going to Seoul.

A: Me too! By the way, can I ask your name?

B: I’m Harry Baek. Just call me Harry.

A: Hello, Miffy. Nice to meet you

B: Hi, Harry. Where are you from?

A: I’m from Seoul, Korea. How about you?

B: I’m from Taiwan.


A: It’s a pity but I have to go. Thanks, I had a good time.

B: So did I.

A: Take care, all right? And have a nice trip.

B: You too! Thank you for your kind words.

A: Do you understand what I’m saying?

B: Pardon? Could you speak more slowly?

A: Oh, OK. Sorry about that.

B: No problem.

A: Could you do me a favor?

B: Sure. What is it?

A: Could you hold my bags for a minute?

B: Sure, no problem.


A: Thank for your help.

B: You’re welcome. It’s my pleasure.

A: You’re so kind.


A: Excuse me, but I think that’s my seat.

B: Really? Let me check my ticket… Oops! I’m sorry. It’s my mistake.

A: No problem.


No, thank you. You’re right.

I don’t think so.

That’s all.

All right.

No problem = Never mind.

I see = I got it.

You don’t have to do that.

That’s enough. (X)

Have a good trip.

3 Responses to Travel English – Basic Conversation

  1. thedenude says:

    Several things: If you say “that’s enough” people will think you are angry with them. Furthermore, you can also say, “what’s up?” As an alternative to “how are you?” Also, Where is your destination is far too formal. We’d say, Where you headed to?(american), and To where are you headed? (British). Finally, I think you’ll get strange looks if you ask someone to hold your bag, “as a favor.” That borders on creepy polite. Everything else is pretty decent, tbough. :)

    • Harry says:

      Thank you for pointing out my mistakes. Today, I learn much detailed information about English conversation from you.

      • thedenude says:

        Thank you for having such a cool blog! :)

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