Travel English – at the Airport

여행 영어 (Travel English)

At the Airport

A: Is this the check-in counter for the flight to Seoul?

B: Yes, that’s right. May I see your passport?

A: Here you are. I’d like a window seat, please.

B: Ok, let me check. Could you put your bag o the scale, please?

A: When will we be able to board?

B: Boarding will begin at 10:30 at Gate 2.

A: Thank you.

A: Where do I go to catch my connection?

B: What’s your connecting flight number?

A: American Air ATA 121.

B: It’s boarding now at Gate 1. Walk straight down that way.


A: May I see your passport?

B: Yes, here it is.

A: What’s your purpose in America?

B: Sightseeing. / I’m here on business.


A: How long will you be staying?

B: I’ll be here a week.

A: Where are you staying?

B: At the Hi hotel in downtown


A: Do you have anything to declare?

B: No, nothing to declare.

A: Ok, then. Please use the Green Lane.

B: Where is the baggage claim area?

A: Over there.

B: All right. Thank you.


A: I can’t find my bag.

B: Can I see your claim tag? What flight did you arrive on?

A: ATA 121.

B: Ok, please fill out this form.


I’d like to confirm my reservation.

I’d like an aisle / window seat, please.

Is the plane going to arrive on time?

How long will it be delayed?

Are you travelling alone?

These are my personal belongings.

I need an interpreter.

How much is the excess baggage charge?

What does your bag look like?

2 Responses to Travel English – at the Airport

  1. thedenude says:

    Pardon my intrusion sir, but a “hostel” is a den of prostitution. I believe you mean “hotel”. However4, I would not reccommend saying, “I’ll be staying at a hotel.” Customs will think you are a smartass. When people ask where you will be staying, you usually give the name of the hotl. What you said is kind of like saying, “I want a cup of cofee.” How? “To drink”. But of course, yo do. :)

    • Harry says:

      Thanks for your correction. While I traveled to many countries, I often stayed at Hi-hostel. I and many Asian know that the meaning of the hostel is cheap accommodation like a youth hostel. However, I guess that the meaning of the word is different to western people. Some words have many shades of meaning and it makes me sometimes confused. However, you pointed out the sentence “I’ll be staying at a hotel” is not good for a conversation. It is not clear that where I stay. I definitely understand your meaning. Once again, thanks a lot for all detailed information.

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