(Spanish) Pronunciation


대문자             소문자(이름 발음)           한국발음           비고

A                   a         (a)                   ㅏ                   아

B                    b         (be)                 ㅂ                   베

C                    c         (ce)                 ㅆ                   쎄

D                   d         (de)                 ㄷ                   데

E                    e         (e)                   ㅔ                   에

F                    f          (efe)                ㅍ                   페

G                   g         (ge)                 ㅎ                   헤

H                   h         (hache)             무발음             투명철자

CH                  ch                             ㅊ                   아체

I                    I          (i)                   ㅣ                   이

J                    j          (jota)               ㅎ(강한 ㅎ)        호타

K                    k         (ca)                 ㄲ                   까 외래어에 사용

L                    l          (ele)                ㄹ                   엘레                *ere: 에레

M                   m        (eme)               ㅁ                   에메

N                   n         (ene)               ㄴ                   에네

Ñ                   ñ         (eñe)               ㄴ+콧소리         에네+콧소리(애교?)

O                   o         (o)                  ㅗ                   오

P                    p         (pe)                 ㅃ                   뻬

Q                   q         (cu)                 ㄲ                   꾸

R                    r          (ere)                ㄹ                   에레

S                    s         (ese)                ㅆ                   에쎄

T                    t          (te)                 ㄸ                   떼

U                   u         (u)                  ㅜ                   우

V                    v         (uve)               ㅂ                   우베

W                   w         (uve doble)        ㅘ                   우베 도블레

X                    x         (equis)                                  에끼스             *u발음 무시

Y                    y         (i griega)          ㅣ                   이 그리에가       *g가 ㅎ(ㅔ), ㄱ(ㅏㅗㅜ)

Z                    z         (zeta)               ㅆ                   쎄다

a, e, i, o, u (ㅏ, ㅔ, ㅣ, ㅗ, ㅜ) 스페인어에서 모음은 오직 5개

ch                  ㅊ

LL=Y                ㄹ        L, LL, R/ la 라, lla야, ra라아~(ㄹ굴린다.)

ere에레            erre에ㄹ레         ele엘레 

뒤의 모음따라 발음이 달라진다.

c         a, o, u   ㄲ        e, i       ㅆ        cielo 씨엘로

g         a, o, u   ㄱ        e, i       ㅎ


x         examen 엑싸멘   México 멕씨꼬, 멕히꼬(중남미에서만 발음)

*amigo 아미고(친구),       España(에스빠나),                      baile(바일레),      café(까뻬이)

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