Reviewing the Completion of My Chinese Studies (The First Semester in the Fourth Year)

I have successfully completed the first semester in my fourth year. I have only left one semester to get a bachelor’s degree from my university in Korea.

The Technic of Korean-Chinese Translation (Korean: 한중번역테크닉): This subject helps students have a high degree of competence on the basis of the ability to express in Chinese. By providing business expressions & terms, students can prepare business documents such as contract, articles of association and e-mail or fax for outstanding performance. Therefore, I will be able to translate Korean into Chinese and vice versa and then be more competence for Korea-China trade.

Chinese Enterprise and Administration (Korean: 중국의 기업과 경영): China’s rapid emergence and expansion of its market have proven top generate increasing opportunities for Korea in the form of increased exports to china and trade balance surplus. Findings of the analysis revealed that the rapid emergence of china was still functioning for the benefit of Korea from a macroscopic perspective.

Chinese Business Skill (Korean: 중국인의 상술): We are going to study Chinese business progress through its history and find some meaningful characteristics of its commercial transactions. It will, hopefully, suggest some useful information to be applied to the real business deal.

Business Chinese (Korean: 비즈니스중국어): This course is organized to help students who major in Chinese studies understand the Chinese conversation useful in business with Chinese people.

Introduction to Chinese Culture (Korean: 중국문화의 이해): This course will provide students with the general knowledge about China. Students will learn Chinese history, ideology, literature, religion, and custom.

Studies of Chinese Region Market (Korean: 중국지역시장론): The present study purposed to analyze the characteristics of National economic and Technological Development Zones in China. Emphasizing the development of the relatively underdeveloped central and western regions particularly the northeastern area of the regions as a part of strategies for balanced local development.

My Grades

My Grades


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