Comepleting My First Year at Seneca College

When I entered Seneca College, there was one Korean guy whose name is Kim. He told me that if someone who was international student got perfect GPA mark, he or she could get a scholarship from college. But, it was wrong information. I want to talk with him but he already quit my college after completing his first semester. I studied hard and got a perfect score. I cannot get any scholarship because I am an international student. However, some Canadian who got just 3.2 GPA, he could get around C$3,200 from college. I was so sad with this situation and I asked one of my professors about this unfair situation. He said there will be an opportunity to get a scholarship for the international students in July. If I cannot get any scholarship in June, I will more focus on my job than my studies in the next year or give up my studies in Canada. I chose to come to Canada because this country is the fair providing equalopportunity for all. Actually, the evenhandedness is only for Canadian not for the people in other countries.  I am now confused with this fact.

My first year GPA is perfect but it is nothing.

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