MCT – Programming (Program Structure)

%: Start Code – Beginig of file transfer

O1234 (Program Number)

N10 G00 G17 G20 G40 G49 G80 G91

G00: Rapid Positioning G17: XY Plane Selection  G20: Input Inches  G40: Cutter Compensation Cancel  G49: Tool Length Compensation Cancel G80: Canned cyce cancel G91: Incremental programming – Safety Codes with Initial Setting And Cancellations

N20 G28 Z0

N30 G28 X0 Y0

G28: Return to Reference Point – Safety Codes Send X, Y, Z Axis Home Incrementally

N40 G92 X-10.0 Y10.0 Z4.0

G92: Set up the X,Y and Z Coordinates – The Origin of the Material

N50 M01

M01: Optional stop

N60 T10 M06 (Center Drill)

T10: Tool Fuction, Number M06: Tool change – Tool Change For T06 and Toll Description in Brackets

N70 M98 P1111

M98: Call a Sub Program P1111: Sub Program Number

N80 G43 Z5.000 H10

G43: Tool Length Compensation H10: Offset Number

N90 M98 P2222

N100 M09

M09: Coolant Pump Off

N110 S1000 M03

S1000: Spindle Speed (RPM) M03 Spinde CW. Rotation

N120 M01

N130 T20 M06 (Drill)

N140 M98 P1111

N150 G43 Z5.0 H20

N160 M98 P2222

N170 M08

M08: Coolant pump on

The part omitted…

N210 G98 G73 Z-.500 R.100 Q.050 F3.8

G98: Return to Initial Level G73 Peck Drilling Cycle R: Rapid Motion to “R” Level Q: Feedrate Distance “Q”

The part omitted…

N240 G28 X0 Y0

G28 X0 Y0- Home in X, Y only

N250 M30

M30: End of program

%: Stop Code – End of file transfer

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