My Ongoing Second Semester Studies

In the second semester, I am taking seven subjects which are valuable subjects to become a tool and die maker or designer. The subjects in my second semester are basically an extension of my first semester except for a CUL203 (Communication with Social Technologies) subject. This blog was successfully created due to the CUL203 course.

SHP201Shop / Professor R. CIPRIANI, R. STEVE and L. NORBERT

This subject builds on the machining skills introduced in SHP101. Projects have been designed to broaden the students machining skills while allowing the participants to develop further machining techniques. Although the main thrust of this subject is metal cutting, a great deal of time is spend on developing effective planning procedures. Pre-requisite: SHP101

Professor R. STEVE and L. NORBERT

Professor L. NORBERT and R. CIPRIANI

Professor L. NORBERT and R. CIPRIANI

TLD201Tool Design / Professor G. BASA

In order to properly appreciate the working principles of dies, fixtures, jigs and moulds, the student must have a good understanding of how these tools are designed. This subject will expand the drafting skills that were developed in BPR101 and will introduce the student simple die, fixture and mould designs. Pre-requisite: BPR101

Professor G. BASA

Professor G. BASA

MTH201Technical Mathematics / Professor A. RAYCHAUDHURI

This subject will build on the skills acquired in MTH101. It further develops the student’s ability to solve complex practical shop problems as they relate to the metal machining trades. The main focus is in the areas of geometry and trigonometry. Pre-requisite: MTH101

THY201Machining Theory / Professor M. ARCHER

In order to manufacture parts efficiently, it is necessary to have an understanding of how to machine a wide variety of materials, using equipment commonly found in a machine shop. This subject has been designed to complement THY101 and build a sold theoretical foundation from which the student can develop good machining skills and techniques. Pre-requisite: THY101

Professor M. ARCHER

Professor M. ARCHER

CAM201Computer Assisted Machining / Professor M. ARCHER

The purpose of this subject is to create and edit part geometry, and create and edit tool paths, using a CAM application software package. Consideration will be given to the planning process that takes place prior to machining a part on a numerically controlled machine tool. Pre-requisite: CNC101

EAP500 – English For Academic Purposes / Professor M. SAFDARI

This course is for students who can write a basic 5 paragraph essay. The course focuses on refining the essay by developing awareness of audience and the use of appropriate registers. In addition, this course is designed to develop students’ expression of critical thinking and the ability to write objectively. This course also introduces the students to the research essay. Students are expected to be familiar with advanced grammar structures in order to edit for grammatical accuracy at this level. Pre-requisite: EAP300 or EAP330

Professor M. SAFDARI

Professor M. SAFDARI

CUL203 – Communicating with Social Technologies / Professor B. AGNEWThis course focuses on using social technologies to tell your story. Students will learn how to improve and leverage communication skills so students can contribute to the conversation. Learn how to convey personal messages as well as corporate information using specific techniques in style, tone, and content. Tools include WordPress, Wikis and social media for communication. Understand how the Long Tail and Social Networking affects your work life, your personal life, and your future. As a final assignment you will develop your own media-rich website.

Professor B. AGNEW

Professor B. AGNEW

My time table

My Second Semester Time Table

My Grade

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